Applying for Leave

To apply for leave through the Employee Self Service Portal you simply need to click the 'leave' icon on the left side of the page before clicking the blue box that says 'Apply for Leave'. 
From here, a dialog box will appear that requires you to enter the following details:

  • Leave Category - Annual Leave, Time in Lieu, Sick Leave, Long Service Leave, Leave Without Pay, Leave (1/2 Pay), and Bonus Pay
  • First day of Leave
  • Last day of Leave
  • Leave Required - Once you enter your start and finish date, the system will calculate how many hours leave is needed to cover your request. To the right hand side of this is a blue box that tells you how many hours you currently have available. 
  • Notes
  • You can optionally add an attachment to the leave request for things like doctors certificates



Once you select the type of leave that you require you will see further information about the available balance for the leave that you have selected. It will show the available balance, taking into account any approved future leave:



  • If you have enough hours available for the requested leave, the 'Leave Required' box will be green. 
  • If you do not have enough hours available to cover the leave, the 'Leave Required' box will be red. 
  • If you have other leave requests that have been approved in the future, they will be displayed in the 'Approved Leave' column
  • Hovering your mouse over the '*Estimate' text will show you a breakdown of how the total hours estimate was reached.
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